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ESP8266 Enviromental Sensor

Image: 2015-08/sensor.jpg

Modules with the popular ESP8266 chip make an excellent basis for an environmental sensor. There are ways to natively program them in C via the ESP SDK or with a modified Arduino-IDE that includes all the needed tools in a pain free package. Good compatibility with already written Arduino libraries for various devices mean you don't have to duplicate much work before getting results.

For less complex projects there is the nodeMCU firmware which allows for controlling the module with lua scripts. Here the library cover is excellent as well.

This page documents my efforts in developing a hardware setup for outside that can work on (stored) solar power all year round delivering a measurement value every minute or so.

Written by Falk on Thursday August 27, 2015

My Litestep Modules

Image: 2015-08/litestep-icon.png

I spend much of the late 90ies and the first half of the 2000s making modules for Litestep. I am keeping the source code and binaries for these old projects here. All modules were made in Delphi 2.0 and doing low-level win32 system programming with it was sort of my thing.

Written by Falk on Saturday August 29, 2015

The Junkdrawer

Image: 2015-08/calf-carrier.jpg

Failed, discontinued or finished projects that turned out to being a bad idea in the end. Only stuff that got at least partially build goes in here. Some stuff I stopped doing simply because I found out somebody else did it better already.

A lot of the truly bad 2am ideas thankfully never got this far.

Written by Falk on Sunday August 30, 2015

Simple Projects

Some of my projects that worked and that I haven't documented in full - mostly because they are relatively simple to do. This page contains links for people who might want to do something similar.

Written by Falk on Monday September 7, 2015

Kindle Hacking

I have been a fan of the Amazon Kindle e-readers ever since I first was able to get my hands on a Kindle 3. I had been pining for the fjords a way to read electronic books on something other than a computer screen.

Written by Falk on Monday September 28, 2015

The 3D Printer

Image: 2016-10/3dprinter.jpg

I wanted to get into 3D Printing for years but money was tight enough that i didn't pull the trigger until I decided to take a chance with an extremely cheap 3D printer Kit from Ebay. It started out as a Prusa i3 Variant (made by a company called "ctc"). I will document some of the mutations it undergoes here.

Written by Falk on Thursday October 27, 2016