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Simple Projects

Some of my projects that worked and that I haven't documented in full - mostly because they are relatively simple to do. This page contains links for people who might want to do something similar.

External 10" Travel Display

Turns out that the TFT panels used in iPods have an interface that is basically displayport on a flat cable. All that is needed to make a working monitor is some way to attach it to a displayport on your device and a driver for the backlight integrated in the panel.

AbuseMark in Japan made a nice board that does just these two things (link). Since the panel theoretically needs slightly more power than a USB 2.0 port would normally deliver you should use an external USB PSU - However for me it has always worked just with the integrated USB my macbook air has (I read somewhere that the port can deliver more current than normal to for instance an iPhone so it can easily power the display).

Written by Falk on Monday September 7, 2015

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