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Kindle Hacking

I have been a fan of the Amazon Kindle e-readers ever since I first was able to get my hands on a Kindle 3. I had been pining for the fjords a way to read electronic books on something other than a computer screen.

Of course what I find most interesting about the Kindle e-readers is how easy they are to root - relatively speaking of course. Some fine soldering is required.

I am currently poking at my newest Toy (A Kindle Oasis) its extreme tightly designed board has made finding the serial pins impossible so far. (Also the case cannot be opened too often without damage since it relies on glue to hold itself shut. The voyage in contrast to this is easy to open wihout permanent damage.) The Oasis is about on par with the paperwhites in that regard.

Main Board of  an OASIS Kindle

Written by Falk on Monday September 28, 2015

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