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ESP8266 Enviromental Sensor

Modules with the popular ESP8266 chip make an excellent basis for an environmental sensor. There are ways to natively program them in C via the ESP SDK or with a modified Arduino-IDE that includes all the needed tools in a pain free package. Good compatibility with already written Arduino libraries for various devices mean you don't have to duplicate much work before getting results.

For less complex projects there is the nodeMCU firmware which allows for controlling the module with lua scripts. Here the library cover is excellent as well.

This page documents my efforts in developing a hardware setup for outside that can work on (stored) solar power all year round delivering a measurement value every minute or so.

Test at the CCC Camp 2015

I will put up an analysis of the test date here.



download for the LUA Prototype source (use with nodeMCU)

download the C Sources and Libraries for esp8266-Arduino here

Written by Falk on Thursday August 27, 2015

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