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3d printer mutations

Image: 2017-02/3dprinter-nov-2016.jpg

Over the few months that I had the printer I changed it quite a bit. the Picture in my last post shows one of the first successful prints in progress. The picture in this Post shows how the printer looks now. There have been some changes.

Written by Falk on Wednesday February 1, 2017

I got myself a 3D printer

Image: 2016-08/img-20160813-185432.jpg

I got myself a cheap 3D Printer Kit from ebay after oogleing Printers since 2008 or so. I will add a Project Page for it and a Link to my Thingiverse account where I will post all the models I make in the future.

Written by Falk on Monday August 8, 2016

Random Updates

random updates on a few of the Subpages. The Litestep section should be completed soon as well.-

Written by Falk on Friday May 6, 2016

Misc. projects added

Image: 2015-09/2nddisplay.jpg

I added a page for documenting all the smaller projects that were successful but do not really warrant their own page but people might find useful for their own projects.

Written by Falk on Sunday September 6, 2015

such fail - much wow

Check out my Junkdrawer where i document stuff i half- or fully build then gave up on.

Written by Falk on Tuesday September 1, 2015

firefly jar page finished

Image: 2015-08/fireflyglasses-small.jpg

I finished documenting my firefly jar project. I added all the EAGLE files and the avr source so you can build your own if you want to.

Written by Falk on Monday August 31, 2015

new project added

Image: 2015-08/esp8266.jpg

Added the draft-documentation for the esp8266 sensor project. I still need to add a lot nore info before i'm done.

Written by Falk on Tuesday August 18, 2015