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Written by Falk on Wednesday August 26, 2015

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3d printer mutations

Over the few months that I had the printer I changed it quite a bit. the Picture in my last post shows one of the first successful prints in progress. The picture in this Post shows how the printer looks now. There have …

I got myself a 3D printer

I got myself a cheap 3D Printer Kit from ebay after oogleing Printers since 2008 or so. I will add a Project Page for it and a Link to my Thingiverse account where I will post all the models I make in the future.

Random Updates

random updates on a few of the Subpages. The Litestep section should be completed soon as well.-

Misc. projects added

I added a page for documenting all the smaller projects that were successful but do not really warrant their own page but people might find useful for their own projects.

such fail - much wow

Check out my Junkdrawer where i document stuff i half- or fully build then gave up on.

firefly jar page finished

I finished documenting my firefly jar project. I added all the EAGLE files and the avr source so you can build your own if you want to.